3mm Red 10 Metres Coach Line Coachline Pin Stripe Pinstripes Go Faster Tape

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Pin Stripes Tape

Colour: Red
Length: 10m
Thickness: 3mm

Brand New In Packaging
A simple way to increase the style of any vehicle is by using these self adhesive pinstripes in several dimensions and colour. Each pack come in a roll of 10 meters, which is more than enough to style all sides of the vehicle.

– Make sure the surface is smooth and clean, apply only in recommended temperatures of between 15 degrees to 30 degrees.
– Remove a small section of the backing paper and press down the end of the strip.
– Remove the backing paper a small section at a time, press down the stripe with your fingers. If curves or turns are required, with care, curve the tape with one hand, pressing it to the surface with the other.
– Make sure tape has adhered to the surface, on double and triple stripes only, after all the stripe has been fitted, remove the clear top tape by pulling it away at an angle of 180 degrees
– Cut the stripe at edges of doors, pressing down all loose edges.

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