DERNON PVC Car Hand-Pinch Type Oil Pump Manual Pumping Aquarium Water Intake Pipe

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To extract the oil in the fuel tank of the car, you need to meet the following conditions:

1. There is no anti-pumping filter in the fuel tank;

2. The pipe should be inserted into the fuel tank when pumping oil.

Instructions for use:

Insert a tube into the liquid to be extracted, first force the rubber ball to discharge the air, then immediately block the nozzle with your thumb, and release the rubber ball, and then the ball slowly expands to recover, the liquid is pumped up to fill the rubber ball. Loosen the thumb that blocks the outlet and repeat the operation 1-2 times to form a continuous flow.

Due to the small inner diameter of the tube, the flow rate is relatively slow. The direction is used from top to bottom. When using, the position of the rubber ball is as low as possible below the inlet position. The greater the height difference, the better.


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