K Seal Ultimate Permanent – Head Gasket Repair Sealer Engine Block Repair

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Don’t just seal it, K-Seal it !
K-Seal Ultimate will permanently fix leaks in the head gasket, head and block of all water cooled engines. The unique ceramic micro-fibres in K-Seal Ultimate target the pressure differentials at the point of failure, first sealing the leak and then curing to make a strong and long lasting repair. K-Seal Ultimate will even fix leaks where the cooling system is over pressurising due to combustion gases leaking into the coolant. Just follow the instructions on the bottle. Use K-Seal Ultimate and save hundreds of pounds compared to a workshop repair.
K-Seal Ultimate comes with a full manufacturer backed guarantee. If it can’t fix your head gasket failure, cracked head or cracked block then contact the manufacturer for a full refund or replacement.

K-Seal Ultimate is the most simple head gasket repair product available on the market. No need to worry about what kind of antifreeze or coolant is in the system or what kind of engine or vehicle you are trying to fix. K-Seal Ultimate can also be used if you just have water in the cooling system. 1 bottle is sufficient for all cars, SUVs and light trucks. For larger engines such as HGVs use 2 bottles. Just shake the bottle, pour it into the cooling system where you normally top up, and drive. Nothing could be easier. No special tools or procedures required.
K-Seal Ultimate is also completely safe to use in any cooling system. It has been independently tested by Brighton University Engineering Division to meet the US standard ASTM D-3147. That means it will seal holes up to 0.635mm but it will not clog even the narrowest waterways in the cooling system. K-Seal Ultimate is backed by over a decade of product development and comes from the global coolant leak repair specialists.

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